With a sustained improvement record of Leapfrog Patient Safety Score of Grade A, Joint Commission Top Performer Awards and significantly increasing patient satisfaction scores measured by an outside source – Press Ganey, Abbeville General continues implementation of its strategic map to improve its existing care and service programs. Ray Landry, FACHE, CEO, recently spoke to the Rotary Club outlining the progress made at the hospital in just the last twelve months.

Abbeville General closed the 2015 accounting year with a positive $4 million bottom line. With a $3.6 million Emergency Room, fully renovated with no debt, the hospital is awaiting final approval from the federal government to initiate the bid/construction process for a 16 bed psychiatric unit /safe room. The safe haven for first responders in a Hurricane, the $6.6 million project is the recipient of a FEMA grant which will pay over half of the project. While it will serve as a psychiatric unit during normal times, it will have a dual purpose to house police, fireman, medics and essential hospital personnel during the “hunker down” period of a hurricane. The final construction will tolerate 220 mph winds. In anticipation of the new psych unit / safe room, a new parking lot has been added at a cost of $213,000

Numerous projects were undertaken with no debt during the last year:

  • A newly remodeled Abbey Café, a popular dining spot on weekends for many in the community. Project cost $72,000.
  • Total replacement of the hospital cooling towers and infrastructure piping. Project cost $445,000.
  • Arterial blood gas and related medical equipment. Project cost $30,000.
  • High Definition Endoscopic video processor used for colonoscopy and gastroscopy. Project cost $114,400.
  • Orthopedic tables and drill systems to accommodate 24/7 coverage of the hospital by orthopedic MDs. $45,000.
  • Maintenance and infrastructure improvements and repairs totaling $866,000.

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