When the generator was released to assist our neighbors in need, the storm had passed and Abbeville General was unaware of any electrical problems with the City of Abbeville. We released the generator while still having 2 reliable sources of electricity: 1) The city power, and 2) A 1250KW generator. The hospital is required to have two sources of reliable power, which was the case. Unfortunately, our generator failed mechanically a few days later under load, because of disruption in the city power grid, which we had no control of and couldn’t anticipate. We are in the process of procuring a new backup generator. That way, Abbeville General will have 3 sources of power: 1) City power, 2) 1600KW generator, and 3) 1250KW generator.  We do want to note that the hospital was never without power. We took extra safety precautions to keep all affected individuals safe, just in case.