Tru-D UVC Disinfection Robot: UV lights are considered to be the gold standard in regards to no-touch disinfection methods within healthcare systems.  It is confirmed that UV technologies kill, or deactivate, over 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, to include COVID.  The Tru-D robot delivers an automated, 360° measured dose of UVCs which has been tested and proven effective against Ebola, Anthrax, COVID, MRSA, VRE, and C-diff to name a few.  This robot broad spectrum germicidal UV light in the range of 200 – 315nm thus significantly reducing infection rates.  The Tru-D robot can effectively disinfect a single room in approximately 50 min while eliminating 100% of human error.


Advanced Ultraviolet Systems:

The Advanced Ultra-Violet Systems (AUVS) UV Box and UV Cube disinfecting systems are designed for disinfecting Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and other High Touch Point (HTP) objects at the unit level.  The UV Box will accommodate smaller sized DME and technologies such as stethoscopes, PPE, badges, remotes, cellphones, pagers, computer mice, keys, etc.  The UV Cube is a larger UV device allowing for the UV disinfection of larger items such as computer keyboards and laptops, for example.  Both systems can be pre-set to run for 30 seconds up to 150 seconds offering customizable options according to preference.  It is confirmed that UV technologies kill, or deactivate, over 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, to include COVID and these AUVS systems are proven effective against Ebola, Anthrax, MRSA, and VRE to name a few.


Clarke RA40 20 Rider Autoscrubber:

The Clarke RA40 Riding Autoscrubber will drastically reduce the amount of time spent preparing the hospital floors for a thorough cleaning by applying both pressure and friction to remove germs and bacteria, dirt, old floor wax, and other build-up.  This combination of pressure and friction will strip floors down to any thickness level desired, through pressure regulation, all in only one single pass instead of multiple applications.  This autoscrubber will also dry the floor as it is being scrubbed virtually eliminating any potential fall hazards directly related to the scrubbing process.  This purchase will address aesthetic, physical, and biological safety concerns and allow for more efficient and effective cleaning of all hospital flooring further improving the cleanliness of the hospital, to include protection against viruses such as Covid, as more time can be spent on decontamination of high touch point areas instead of continuing with our inefficient and extremely time-consuming floor care needs.


Elkay Refrigerated Water Dispenser and Bottle Filler:

Elkay refrigerated wall-mounted water dispenser and bottle-filling stations are being requested to replace our current obsolete and unfiltered wall-mounted water fountains.  These types of water fountains have rapidly become the preferred method for public hydration requirements as they provide filtered water, drastically reducing the potential ingestion of water-borne pathogens, like Legionella.  In addition to reducing the risk of ingestion of germs and bacteria bottle-fill stations also provide a secondary barrier for additional germs and viruses, like COVID, and other forms of droplet-type viruses, offering a completely hands off and distanced approach by using one’s own personal bottle instead of physically drinking from a fountain.  Our current process for the disinfection of water fountains is limited to only exterior applications of chemical cleaning agents which still leaves all water fountains only as disinfected as its last physical cleaning, since the first person to use it, touch, or even cough or sneeze around the fountain, after it has been clean has now re-contaminated it.  Having bottle-fill stations along with built-in in-line filtration allows these fountains to stay as disinfected as possible at all times.


CareFusion MRI Compatible Ventilator:

The CareFusion LTV1200 Ventilator will be used to adequately care for our ventilated patients to include patients under investigation for COVID and those confirmed COVID positive whom are in need MRI services for further diagnostic evaluation and treatment options.  The use of this non-ferrous ventilator is the recommended method to ensure patient safety while undergoing magnetic field testing. Non-ferrous metals are required for use in MRI environments as these have non-magnetic properties and such are completely safe to be used in the presence of magnets.  These units would be used for ventilated patients when MRIs are ordered, as this is the recommended method to ensure patient safety.  The only alternative to the use of non-ferrous ventilators during MRIs would consist of the Respiratory Tech manually ventilating the patient using a resuscitation bag (AMBU) throughout the entire study, which can easily last 30 minutes or longer.  


Pneumoclear CO2 Conditioning Insufflator Kit:

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Abbeville General staff are continuously striving to deliver the safest, most appropriate care, delivered in an approach that prevents exposure to staff and other patients.   Studies have demonstrated the ability for virus transmission through surgical smoke generated from devices used to cauterize during a surgical procedure. The chance of aerosolized particles is greatly reduced by using a low set pressure. The Pneumoclear CO2 Conditioning Insufflator Kit reduces gas leak during instrument exchange while providing filtration ability at 0.01 microns (coronavirus averages 0.125 microns).  The device also improves procedural imaging by reducing camera fogging.


Abbey Mobile Systems Carts:

Abbeville General recently helped staff to improve patient outcomes by having mobile medical carts stationed at the end of COVID designated hallways, equipped with necessary supplies and readily available to care for patients.  In the event of an emergency, the nursing staff can attend the point of care with the cart, confident that they have everything needed to provide the highest level of patient care.  By utilizing a mobile cart, the nurse can eliminate the need to return to central locations to use stationary computer devices or to pick up additional equipment and supplies.  Not only will this allow them to continue on their rounds more efficiently, but it will also free up additional space in central areas for colleagues, while also helping to prevent the possibility of cross-contamination of COVID-19 to central location areas.


Karcher Professional Misting System:


Karcher Professional Misting System and its hospital-grade proprietary cleaning solution will help improve and expedite the disinfection of all high touch point areas throughout the hospital (to include Coronavirus and a plethora of other viruses, bacteria, and fungi) while furthering to protect our staff, patients, and visitors alike.  This unit will add an additional layer of disinfection specifically to surfaces such as handrails, door handles, elevator panels, touch plates, and light switches, for example.


GeneXpert XVI will allow the laboratory to process double the number of COVID-19 tests run at once.

Meridian Temperature Verification Kiosks: 

These Meridian Temperature Verification Kiosks will be positioned at all entry points of Abbeville General as well as the entry points of all of our Rural Health Clinics.  The kiosks will safely and efficiently measure the temperatures of all individuals entering our facilities as a means to try and reduce the risk of COVID exposures, for the safety and well-being of our patients, visitors, and staff members alike. 

Secure Building Entry/Badge Access:

Workplace Safety Funds (LHA Trust Funds) $12,268 Grant
 Directly impacts employee and patient safety
 Limits the number of entry/access points to the facility
 Installation of access control entry doors with employee badge swipe software
 Only allows access to authorized staff and will decrease any potential danger
of unauthorized access into the facility