Abbott ID Now 

  • -Nucleic Acid Amplification analyzer for COVID-19, Strep A and Flu A/B
  • Rapid results; positive test in as little as 5 minutes
  • Portable – may be used at the point of care ensuring rapid results
  • Minimally invasive Nasal vs Nasopharyngeal  Swab= less discomfort
  • Located at all Rural Health Clinics and AG main campus lab


Beckman Coulter 1040 DxM Walkaway


  • Gold Standard Microorganism Identification and Antibiotic Sensitivity analyzer
  • Industry leader in reliability and accuracy
  • Automated technology streamlines workflow – up to 40 patient cultures can be processed simultaneously, with results up to 8 hours faster than previous method.


Sysmex XN-550 and XN-350 Automated Hematology Analyzers


  • BeyondCare web based Quality Control and Calibration management system constantly monitors analyzers to ensure accurate results and detect problems before they can impact patient results.
  • XN-350 backup analyzer provides redundancy to eliminate downtime.


GeneXpert XVI


GeneXpert XVI will allow the laboratory to process double the number of COVID-19 tests run at once.