Abbeville General is always striving to improve patient care and safety.  New beds and negative pressure units have recently been added to ensure that their patients are receiving the highest quality of Care Close to Home!

  1. Chaperone Bed Exit System with Zone Control
  • senses the patient’s center of gravity with an accurate three-zone system
  • activates an alert locally and remotely when a patient attempts to move out of the preset zone
  • helps to prevent falls and reduce false alarms.
  1. iBed Awareness
  • allows you to easily set custom safety configurations at the bedside.
  • alerts when a condition has changed – specifically which parameter needs attention
  1. Advanced caregiver controls
  • one touch, easy to use and include bed motion, in-bed scale system, bed alarm and a 30-degree head of bed lockout.
  1. BackSmart design
  • makes tasks safe and easy
  • Controls are more accessible
  • Bending and pulling motions are minimized
  1. S3 siderails
  • provide an intermediate support position to assist and encourage the patient during bed entry and exit
  • reduces the risk of stress injuries to the caregiver
  1. IsoFlex LAL mattress
  • isolates the three key contributors of skin breakdown; pressure, shear and microclimate imbalance.
  • delivers direct air toward skin in the sacral region and continues air flow to the torso
  • allows air to flow freely throughout the surface without obstruction.
  1. Negative air pressure units
  • help prevent the spread of airborne diseases like tuberculosis or covid-19 in isolation rooms
  • prevent the airborne diseases from escaping the room and infecting other people
  • pulls air into the room and then it filters the air before moving it outside.