Press Ganey is a company that measures the quality of care in hospitals.  They are committed to improving safety, quality, and patient-centered care. For more than 30 years, Press Ganey’s mission has been to support health care providers in understanding and improving the entire patient experience. As a strategic business partner to more than 26,000 health care organizations, Press Ganey leads the industry in helping clients transform the patient experience and create continuous, sustainable improvement.

Scores are based on returned patient surveys.

There are 2785 hospitals in the survey.

Scores are based off percentile ranking, which tells how our hospital performs relative to other hospitals by showing what portion of the other hospitals that our hospital is scoring higher or lower than.

Scores for Abbeville General in the 90th percentile are:

Communication with Nurses 99%
Nurses treat with courtesy/respect 96%
Nurses listen carefully to you 99%
Nurses explain in way you understand 97%
Response of hospital staff 91%
Call Button help soon as wanted it 98%
Communication with Doctors 99%
Doctors treat with courtesy/respect 99%
Doctors listen carefully to you 98%
Doctors explain in way you understand 99%
Hospital Environment 93%
Quietness of hospital environment 94%
Staff talk about pain treatment 90%
Care transitions 91%
Good understanding managing health 93%
Understood purpose of taking meds 94%

Abbeville General continues to provide Access to Quality Care Close to Home!