Workplace Safety Funds is an Louisiana Hospital Association (LHA) Trust Funds grant program that rewards healthcare facilities that turn proactive ideas into actionable steps to improve employee safety and minimize or prevent workplace hazards.  Abbeville General was recently awarded $16,000 for their efforts in employee safety by installing security cameras and panic buttons in the newly opened Behavioral Medicine Center BMC/Safe Room. Expected impact on employee safety is video surveillance of all areas surrounding the building and all entry and exit points.  These are being securely monitored by Abbeville General employees in conjunction with hospital security monitoring.  This will allow staff to have a visual of all persons in this area and will provide the ability to press panic buttons to alert officials of any potential threat to the organization with the ability to retrieve information if an incident should occur.  Having panic button access is a direct impact on employee safety for a silent alarm to the local police station.  Having both of these components will ensure employee safety in the time of a dangerous situation.