Emergency Department


  • 24-hour Emergency Care with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Stroke Robot that offers E.D. Physician 24/7 access to a Neurologist at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital
  • 24/7 Orthopedic services
  • 2 trauma rooms, triage room, bariatric room, isolation room, decontamination room, bereavement room
  • 9,085 sq. ft. to handle all emergencies!
  • 9 treatment rooms with 18 patient care spaces

All PAID IN FULL by the Hospital Service District No. 2 Sales Tax — YOUR Sales Tax Dollars at Work!

Registration for ED patients

Charlene Robicheaux, Patient Access Clerk
Destiny Parker, Patient Access Clerk

Triage Room

Brett Moreau, RN
Bethany Domingue, RN

Trauma Room 1

Dr. Myriam Hutchinson, ED Medical Director
Chuck Guidry RN, MBA

Trauma Room 2

Dr. Weston Miller, General and Vascular Surgery
Michelle Dartez RN, ED Manager

Bariatric Room

Dr. Claude Meeks, ED Physician, Family Practice
Kevin Choate, RN

Observation Suite

Rhonda Luquette, LPN
Shalee Cessac, RN

Sub-waiting Room


Ambulatory Exam Room


Exam Room


Nurse's Station


Bereavement Room