Anesthesia Services

Jay Seymour, MSN, CRNA Chief Nurse Anesthetist

The Anesthesia Department provides sedation and anesthesia care to patients of all ages (from neonate to geriatric) receiving diagnostic, therapeutic, invasive, or surgical procedures.

Patients are given a pre-anesthesia evaluation by the anesthesia provider.  After such an assessment, the anesthesia plan of care is developed using the ASA classification system, and informed consent is obtained before the patient receives anesthesia. The standards of sedation and anesthesia care apply when patients receive, in any setting, by any route, for any purpose, general, spinal, or other major regional anesthesia or sedation with or without analgesia.

Epidural anesthesia is used in the OB Unit. Monitored anesthesia care can be used in Radiology, ER, ICU, GI Lab, and PACU to perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

The following services are offered at Abbeville General:

Acute pain management/post-op pain control

Upper extremity

Supra clavicular block

Interscalene nerve block

Axillary nerve block

Bier nerve block


Tap nerve block

Lower Extremity

Femoral nerve block

Adductor Canal block

Popliteal nerve block

Sciatic nerve block

Ankle nerve block

The Anesthesia Department is located in the Surgery Suite on the first floor.

The department is staffed with anesthesiologists, CRNA’s and anesthesia aides, and provides 24-hour coverage per day, 7 days a week.