Mission & Vision

The Values of Abbeville General maintain organizational standards of demonstrated behavior by all of Abbeville General, epitomized by: Accountability, Communication, Courtesy, Excellence in Service, Professionalism / Privacy and Teamwork.

Principles that guide our daily practice will display the consideration of moral and ethical values of the individual as well as the organization. We will strive to maintain these principles through excellent relations with our customers, suppliers, other healthcare providers, educational institutions, payers and the community.


The Mission of Abbeville General Hospital is to provide Access to Quality Care Close to Home.


Abbeville General Hospital will be recognized as the health system of choice for Vermilion Parish.

Philosophy and Values

Through recognition of the complexities presented by the current healthcare environment, it is the philosophy of Abbeville General to create an environment that supports continuous improvement and innovation in the delivery of safe patient care.

We believe that…

  • As employees of Abbeville General, we are accountable for ensuring that patients’ rights are maintained and that all patients receive the same level of quality care.
  • To attract and maintain competent staff, emphasis should be placed on retention and recognition of activities in addition to ongoing recruitment efforts.
  • A mechanism to provide for adequate orientation, continuing education and validation of clinical competency of our personnel safeguards our patients. An atmosphere which is intellectually stimulating and that promotes continuing education and career growth for hospital staff has an impact on retention of personnel.
  • Healthcare professionals must function as patient advocates and participate in problem identification and resolution to ensure a high level of quality care, and should practice in accordance with nationally accepted standards of ethical and professional conduct.
  • A record of our care and service is important. Documentation will reflect actual care or service provided. Records, reports and other documentation will be accurate and complete.
  • Establishing a health system mission and vision can serve to help guide the operations of Abbeville General into the future.