Whooping Crane

Whooping Cranes Come Home Sweet Home!
Dedication and Commitment Link the Whooping Crane to Abbeville General

Historically, both a resident and migratory population of Whooping Cranes were present in Louisiana through the early 1940s. Whooping Cranes inhabited the marshes and ridges of the state’s southwest Chenier Coastal Plain, as well as the uplands of prairie terrace habitat to the north. Within this area, whooping cranes used three major habitats: tall grass prairie, freshwater marsh, and brackish/salt marsh. This very vulnerable species was abundantly found in South LA until their demise in the early 1900’s when little conservation was practiced and prairies and marsh lands were converted to agriculture acreage. By 1947, there was only one whooping crane remaining in South LA, and the last bird in Southwest Louisiana was removed to a sanctuary in 1950.

In 2011, we celebrated the return of the whooping crane to the marshes of Southwest Louisiana. The state whooping crane reintroduction project began with the release of an initial cohort of juvenile cranes at White Lake Wetlands Conservation Area in Vermilion Parish. This species restoration and reintroduction program is in effect to reduce this risk and bring this bird further along its path to recovery. Since 2011, whooping cranes are being brought back to South Louisiana where they thrive best – in their original home. Since a nesting pair usually only produces one chick a year, survival is key to protecting the whooping crane and keeping it from extinction. In December, 2014, fourteen young cranes were added to Louisiana’s resident population and in December 2015, eleven more of these juvenile cranes were released into the marsh at White Lake. The recovery plan goal is for LA to reach a population of about 130 cranes in LA.

The heart-warming story of the whooping crane is one of rebirth, rejuvenation, and a commitment to bring this majestic bird back to its original home where it will receive the quality care it needs and have a surer chance of survival. Much like the whooping cranes restoration and rebirth, Abbeville General has a similar story of providing that same nurturing environment to our own community, where our patients can receive Quality Care Close to Home! Abbeville General has had its own “rebirth” with many physical improvements, addition of various value-added services, and our commitment to provide quality care to all residents in Vermilion Parish and surrounding areas. Many patients ARE coming home for their healthcare, instead of traveling to nearby cities. They are utilizing the Primary Care Medical Homes that are strategically placed in three cities throughout the parish for their primary care needs, as well as the various off-site centers that offer lab, x-ray, and EKG services. They are utilizing the Telemedicine services to see specialists in a timely manner. State-of-the-art equipment is provided by each and every department to ensure the highest diagnostic and surgical care. With all of these added services, there is no question why patients ARE coming Home. Abbeville General has earned numerous awards for their quality care, including the coveted Top Performer Award by the Joint Commission for Pneumonia and Surgical Care (two years in a row)! The dedicated staff at Abbeville General works tirelessly to ensure not only patient safety, but patient satisfaction as well.

Abbeville General is much like the whooping crane by offering Access to Quality Care Close to Home to the residents in Vermilion Parish. Our state’s commitment to restoring and revitalizing our coastal regions is much like our commitment to the people of the communities that we serve. As our community makes the effort to rebuild and revitalize our wetlands, we also make the promise to continue to build and grow as your healthcare facility of choice. The dedication and commitment of Abbeville General’s staff for their patients and that of the caretakers of the rare whooping crane will ensure that quality care is taken to keep both Patients and Whooping Cranes Close to Home!