Thank you to the Rain-Bowie Foundation, who recently donated a CuddleCot to our Labor and Delivery Department.

A CuddleCot is a small, portable, and lightweight unit that allows families experiencing the unfortunate loss of their baby to spend more time with them before changes and signs of deterioration begin. Each year, about 21,000 babies are stillborn, and the CuddleCot gives the parents of these babies extra time to soak up all the memories that they can.

Bobby and Catherine Brignac, who are from Youngsville, started the Rain-Bowie Foundation after losing their daughter, Bowie, in a stillbirth just two months before their due date.

While Bobby and Catherine had access to a CuddleCot at their hospital and were lucky to be able to treasure some special moments with Bowie, not all hospitals have CuddleCots, and those that do often have a limited supply. The Brignacs started their foundation with the goal of spreading awareness and supplying CuddleCots to hospitals throughout Louisiana.

We are incredibly grateful that the Rain-Bowie Foundation chose us to receive a CuddleCot and give Vermilion Parish mothers and fathers who lose their children time the opportunity to make much-deserved and much-needed memories.

To learn more about the Rain-Bowie Foundation, visit