Abbeville General is pleased to announce the addition of a second CT scanner in the Diagnostic Imaging Department.  The GE Revolution Evo is a 32-slice helical system with the following features:

  • 32 Channel / 64 Slice CT Scanner (can be referred to as a 64-slice scanner)
  • Best-in-class Image quality (0.28mm spatial resolution) – helpful in seeing/diagnosing small lesions
  • ASIR Low Dose Algorithm to reduce patient dose by up to 50%
  • Low-Dose CT Lung Screening protocol and indication for use
  • Calcium Scoring to determine amount of calcium in the coronary arteries
  • Smart Metal Artifact Reduction – algorithm to remove metal caused from hip/knee implants/spine hardware, surgical clips for easier interpretation when metal is present
  • High-Pitch Helical scan mode for imaging pediatrics and trauma patients
  • Advanced in-room workflow to assist technologist during trauma imaging
  • Ability to measure a stenosis in an artery and ability to remove bone to see vasculature better

Abbeville General Diagnostic Imaging is now able to offer a continuous provision of CT services for scheduled exams accommodating more patients, emergent exams, and eliminating delays especially during a biopsy procedure or a system failure/breakdown.