Lois Gaspard Sellers, R.N.  First Director of Nurses

Mrs. Lois Gaspard Sellers, R.N., was born on October 7, 1930 in Abbeville, LA.  She attended school in Abbeville then entered Graduate Charity Hospital School of Nursing in 1951.  After graduating from Nursing School she was a surgical nurse at the Palms Hospital and planned Abbeville General Hospital with the Administrator and Board of Directors of Abbeville General Hospital.

From February, 1966 (when Abbeville General Hospital opened its doors) to 1979, she was the Director of Nursing and Assistant Administrator, and was appointed Acting Administrator from November 1979-January 1980.  From 1980 to 1986, Mrs. Sellers was Director of Nursing and Assistant Administrator in charge of several departments.

These were the happy years for Mrs. Sellers, for she was doing what she liked best, the practice of nursing and administration.  She will always be a special person in many lives and always had the hospital’s interest at heart.  Her optimism and deep faith were an inspiration to all who knew her.

It is with great gratitude for Mrs. Sellers’ dedicated service to the community of Abbeville that this nursing scholarship is offered in her memory.


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